The blonde settled down on the couch, his eyes focusing in on the blank television, politely ‘ignoring’ Yuki and the Chief. Truth be told he wasn’t doing the best job.

“I didn’t sign up for a babysitting job,” Yuki hissed. He glanced at the back of the blonde’s head then narrowed his eyes in on the Chief.

His boss met the gaze with an equally hard look of his own. “No,” he drawled. “You signed up to help people.”

Yuki’s brows knit together. He realized quickly he was being insensitive but he wasn’t very keen on the idea of a stranger staying in his house. “….name?” He finally asked in a resigned tone.

The Chief gave a triumphant smile. “Jeremy Ross, twenty two year old nephew of Claus Rosenthal. Heard of him?”

Yuki gave an acknowledging grunt. Who hadn’t heard of Claus Rosenthal? The media had erupted with news of the dying billionaire. “So what’s he doing here?” Yuki tilted his head slightly in the direction of Jeremy.

The chief proceeded to explain in hushed tones that Jeremy was being targeted by, what was assumed, other members of estranged family. Apparently Rosenthal had taken a liking to the nephew during the summer holidays he’d visit the estate. Being a favorite somebody must have thought to get the blonde out of the way before he was officially written into a will.

Yuki raised an eyebrow. “People still do that?” The whole story seemed a bit dramatic. A little too much like a movie plot.

“Apparently,” the chief rubbed a hand over his tired face with a sigh. “Look, Daniels will run by tomorrow with some of his stuff. Just set him up with a bed for now. And, no, don’t come into the office. I want you here with him. 24/7.”


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